Marsden on Marsden

Marsden on Marsden"I found Ellie’s voice quite unexpectedly, as I drove back from the tip one Saturday afternoon. I was in an old Landrover, just 500 metres from home, and suddenly I could hear Ellie talking. ‘It’s only half an hour since someone, Robyn I think, suggested we write this down. And it’s only five minutes since I got chosen. But I can’t do it while they’re all crowded around me, yelling ideas and advice. Rack off guys! Leave me alone! ‘That’s better. Now I’m down at the creek. I don’t know why they chose me to do this. I guess I’m meant to be good at English or something.’

Realising that if I didn’t get her voice on paper, I might lose it again forever, I pulled off to the side of the road, grabbed an old envelope that was blowing around in the back of the Landrover, and quickly wrote down the words.

I drove on to my place, parked the Landie, and raced into the house knowing that I had a new book underway, and feeling very excited about it."

In his fiction John Marsden explores the lives of the guilty, the inarticulate, the crazy, the brave and the resourceful. Read about his ideas and his experiences in "Marsden on Marsden" — a frank, behind-the-scenes look at what John was really thinking about when he wrote books like "So Much to Tell You", "Letters from the Inside" and the internationally acclaimed 'Tomorrow Series'.