Dear Miffy

Dear Miffy"Dreamed about you again.
Like I do most nights.

Sometimes it's nightmares,
sometimes it's good dreams,
sometimes I have to change the sheets."

[Contents may offend some readers]

"You can squeeze my lemon, baby, juice runs down my legs."

Tony writes letters.
To Miffy.
And breaks your heart.

"Your life's a solo run, and even the crowd that's cheering you want you to fall over. They love when you win, but they love it even better when you lose."

Telling powerful stories has become the hallmark of John Marsden's writing.
He has a world-wide reputation for strong and gutsy stories about Australian teenagers.
But even John Marsden has never written a book as powerful and gutsy as Dear Miffy.

Is there something wrong when your main ambition in life is to be dead?


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